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I have purchased PowerFills device. How to connect to my WiFi Router ?

Connecting PowerFills device to your WiFi router is very simple. Please follow the
connection steps detailed in the user manual or printed on the product package

Can I use PowerFills with CCTV ?

Yes , you can use PowerFills device your gadgets such as WiFi router, CCTV , Digital Setup
Box etc.

How do I use PowerFills device with 9V or 12V equipment?

You can choose between 9V and 12V with the selector switch on the PowerFills device. Flick
the selector switch to the marked side of 9V or 12V and you are done.

How many hours of back up, I will get?

PowerFills device will give you up to 6 Hours of back up. This depends greatly on whether
the PowerFills device was fully charged and your equipment power consumption pattern.

What does the LED indicate?

The LED indicates that the PowerFills device is switched ON and your equipment gets the
power backup from PowerFills.

How do I register for Warranty ?

Simple ! Please scan the QR code on the side of the PowerFills device packaging or go to
www.powerfills.com/warranty to register your device for warranty. Please note that
warranty registration is a must for warranty claim.

Should I use the supplied 12V,2A adaptor ?

For faster charging and longer power backup, please use the supplied 12V,2A power adaptor.

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